By turning all law enforcement agencies and bureaucrats against anything that even suggested a militia the news media has successfully eliminated any chance of the concept of a “Rifle behind every blade of grass”. By demonizing the very word “Militia” America’s liberal news media has successfully disarmed American’s without the need to confiscate all weapons, or the need to overturn the Second Amendment. Instead of being America’s patriot defenders, the militias have now become America’s domestic terrorists.

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Sometimes it can be the Little Old Lady at the end of the street that watches the whole roadway and knows when something is not right and alerts the group. Communication and coordination strengthen them all. Divided they fall. Carrillo was transferred to Travis Air Force Base about a month after his wife’s 2018 death and had no disciplinary record in the Air Force. He was a Phoenix Raven team leader, heading an elite squad of security forces stationed at Travis Air Force Base. He served four months overseas in Kuwait in 2019..

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