Quarterback Jameis Winston became the only player in NFL history to pass for 4,000 yards in each of his first two seasons and also set a team record with 28 passing touchdowns. The problem was he also lead the NFC with 18 interceptions and also lost six fumbles. Running back Doug Martin was given a four game substance abuse suspension late in the year that will carry on to next season.

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“When you destroy evidence, as a matter of law, there is a presumption that the evidence would be harmful to you,” Cornwell said. “The explanation for destroying the phone does not make sense. It makes no sense to say that phone one was destroyed and phone two was not.

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“Concentration, poise. You gotta have it on every snap in this game. Otherwise, you’re going to get your [bleep] beat time and time again. “An adjudicator looking at these facts, it seems to me, might conclude that the cellphone had incriminating information on it and that, in the teeth of an investigation, it was deliberately destroyed,” Judge Barrington D. Parker said (via the Associated Press). “So why couldn’t the commissioner suspend Mr.

Hurts posted the second fastest 40 yard dash time Thursday among quarterbacks at the NFL Scouting combine in Indianapolis, completing the drill in 4.59 seconds, barely behind the 4.58 recorded by Hawaii quarterback Cole McDonald. By comparison, only one tight end prospect, Missouri’s Albert Okwuegbunam, managed a faster time at 4.49. 1 overall pick.

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