That was a difficult era in politics. Endowed with a cool temperament and deep political prowess Narasimha Rao ji was always open to debates and discussions. He always tried to take the opposition into confidence: Former PM Dr. They are still grieving. Those who survived are still recovering from the very scary event. They are relieved to be alive, and they realize that they could have been killed..

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The advocacy group that is asking for these changes, Stop Abusive And Violent Environments or SAVE, has been lobbying the House of Representatives hoping to make these changes under VAWA to allegedly curb fraudulent claims by illegal immigrants who are only trying to stay in the country. The GOP version of the VAWA renewal bill will eliminate protections such as confidentiality for immigrant victims of assault and will force them to tell their abusers that they are applying for a protected status. This version will also drop the provision that allows these women to apply for permanent citizenship on their own..

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