Owners are wary that preseason games might have to be canceled if there’s no deal soon, people familiar with the talks said. Officials have said the preseason generates about $200million per week in league wide revenues. It appears there have been recent negotiating tensions over issues such as a rookie pay system and retiree benefits in addition to the central division of revenues issue..

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Dungy, now an NFL studio analyst for NBC, added: “I think what [the players] want is a voice. I think they’re trying to help their communities out. And I think the league and the players could do a much better job of working together and being that voice that does make things better.”.

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It couldn’t manage to file the trade documentation in time to complete an agreed upon deal for AJ McCarron. This isn’t all Jackson’s doing. It isn’t even primarily Jackson’s doing. An immediate lifelong friendship transpired. Bob was a great friend growing up through our teenage years. He became a kind and caring gentleman who constantly spoke almost exclusively about his family.

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