Keith O’Neil lived with undiagnosed bipolar disorder throughout his NFL career, including his final year with the Indianapolis Colts as they won the Super Bowl in 2006. After his diagnosis, Keith became an advocate, starting the 4th and Forever Foundation, which is dedicated to assisting those living with and affected by mental health conditions, through programs that raise awareness, promote education and fund research to alleviate mental illness. Keith tours the country, speaking to high school students.

I thought he did a good job of handling some of the pressures. There was some adjustments that he had to make to the protection that he did effectively. Then there was a couple of times when he scrambles, which the ability to extend the drive by using your feet is important.”.

State and municipal government payrolls are down 1.1 million jobs on net since their peak employment earlier this year, and more layoffs are likely to come. (By contrast, the maximum net decline in state/local government jobs in the aftermath of the was about 750,000, and it took years for them to shed that many workers.) These layoffs will have knock on effects throughout the private sector. Teachers, cafeteria workers, EMTs, etc., will have less money to spend in their local economy, and public services that residents and businesses depend on will deteriorate..

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