“To think a couple people are going to get this done not going to happen. We need as many voices as possible. We need as many people as possible to pull the covers off of the policies and a system that has allowed this to go on since its inception.

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Democrats seized control of the Virginia House and Senate for the first time in a generation last year, giving the liberal caucus the chance to work with a Democratic governor to pass what could be a historic package after years of frustration on policing issues. The special session begins on Aug. 18..

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10 Best Outdoor Activities To Do in GoaIt is nothing unexpected that Goa is one of the most looked for after goals in India as well as the world also, essentially in light of the fact that it offers the best of everything. Here are 10 Best Outdoor Activities To Do in Goa to satisfy your craving for adventure. Explore various options like Ubud Monkey Forest, Agung Rai Museum of Art and many more places.

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