The Morrison government has lost ground with voters after pledging a sweeping round of personal income tax cuts, with the Coalition trailing Labor by 47 to 53 per cent in two party terms in the wake of the federal budget. Prime Minister Scott Morrison has maintained his lead on key personal approval ratings but the government has fallen from the two party result of 49 to 51 per cent in February. The exclusive Ipsos poll to be published in The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age on Monday finds that Mr Morrison remains the preferred prime minister compared to Opposition Leader Bill Shorten, leading by 46 to 35 per cent, a similar gap to previous surveys.

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buy canada goose jacket Outside Edmonton and Calgary generally called for greater local control over law enforcement, and most certainly not from Ottawa. And said they would rather spend their own tax dollars its own men and women, rather than paying for a bloated Ottawa bureaucracy. Bloated bureaucracy is led by a political appointee who reports to the solicitor general of the federal government of the day, rather than to a local police commission. There simply less accountability to the community and more to a political master who might not care a fig about the needs of a small rural Alberta community.. buy canada goose jacket

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canada goose clearance sale The central government still keeps denying that community transmission is taking place in India. More than 8.2 million cases of novel coronavirus have been confirmed worldwide, and fears spike globally of a second wave of the virus, as new cases force renewed lockdown measures from China to Germany. The Central government on Thursday said that the recovery rate of COVID 19 has reached 52.95% in the country and a total of 1,94,325 people affected have been cured so far. canada goose clearance sale

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