If you want people to self censor, fear, uncertainty, and doubt FUD are your absolute best friends. When China cracked down on popular online bloggers and opinion makers in 2013, it claimed it did so to prevent fraud, abuse, and slander but many of the accounts taken offline had a political edge to them. 9,800 social media accounts were banned in a single action.

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Wandering through life is what a lot of people fall into the habit of doing. They will wake up every day, and continue going to their job, working, providing food and shelter, and being a human, just routine. Well, that’s no fun, is it? Listen, there is more to life than a daily routine, and the best way to live to the fullest, or at least know what it means to you, is to always learn and search for knowledge.

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He originally moved to Dublin, in 2011, because he couldn secure a full time teaching post out west. When he transferred from Garrymore, five years later, there was “a small bit of backlash, we put it, for me doing it. But people have to understand, you have to live your life as well.

Talking about Sanjay Dutt character and having him on board, Yash told Hindustan Times: we made KGF: Chapter 1, we had our own inhibitions and restricted ourselves in some way. But with this kind of success on our side, we are going all out to make the second part. We now know people are keenly looking forward to the second part and we can deliver it without any reservations.

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