In a different way, Mayfield has flashed transcendent talent with his anticipation ability and audacity to make any throw. By the end of last season, he looked like the league’s next great quarterback. While he committed too many turnovers in Week 1 of his second season, Mayfield shouldn’t be dismissed.

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Win provides blueprint: Whether teams win or lose in preseason games doesn’t matter a whole lot the 2017 Cleveland Browns infamously followed up a 4 0 preseason by going 0 16 when it counted but getting their first win of 2019 had to feel good for the Redskins and Coach Jay Gruden. More importantly, the victory set something of a likely template for success this season. The defense led the way by stifling an opponent, while the offense did just enough, particularly on the ground, to hold up its end of the bargain.

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