Only having the option of picking one game a day makes this contest one of my favorites. It doesn’t take a lot of time and it is a contest that a smart sports fan has a reasonable shot at winning. My longest streak was seven in a row and my girlfriend had 11 in a row during basketball season.

A model produced by the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics https://www.gocheapjerseys.com and Evaluation and published Friday forecasts a “most likely” daily death toll of 1,907 on Election Day, roughly double the current toll. Under the IHME forecast, the numbers would continue to rise until mid December, peaking at 3,000 deaths daily by Dec. 14..

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In March, when Debbie Epstein Henry, a public speaker and expert on women’s career issues, realized her three sons would return home during the pandemic, she rented a dumpster. “At first, life really felt out of control, but if you can get organized, it gives you a feeling thatyou’re more in control,” says Henry, who has lived in the same house outside of Philadelphia for 23 years. She and her husband and sons (ages 19 to 24) spent 10weekends combing through every closet and drawer.

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Like the time he showed up in San Francisco to interview for the D line job. Then executive Scot McCloughan came down to welcome Tomsula and found he had already sweated through his dress shirt. McCloughan brought him into his office, gave him a new shirt and told him to relax.

Across the country, stores are reopening to a changed reality. Retailers that have spent years trying to get customers to linger, in hopes they’ll buy more than they need, are reimagining their stores for a grab and go future filled with deliberate purchases. Gone, they say, are the days of trying on makeup or playing with toys in the aisles.

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