And it gets to the level of: Your mother. He says, mother. And I still smiling.. To a narcissist, there is always a way to get under your skin and inside of your head.The presence of minimizationcan usually help youidentify who the narcissist is in a group setting; while others are congratulating you on a job well done, the narcissist is often lurking in the corner, sulking and ready to burst your bubble like a needle to a balloon with a backhanded compliment, excessive critique or a “helpful” obnoxious reminder of something they perceive you’re lacking.Remember: when a covert narcissist causesyou to feel insecure, uncertain and unbalanced, it is often because they don want to deal with their own emotional issues and the fact that they may not be as special or unique as they desperately want to believe. This is what narcissism expert Dr. Craig Malkin (2015) calls playing hot potato, the narcissist continually passes off any unwanted feelings onto their victims.

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