At issue is whether the NFL had the videotape of Rice’s knockout punch of his then fiancee. The Associated Press triggered the investigation by reporting that Atlantic City law enforcement officials sent the video to the NFL offices, with one calling a number at the league’s Park Avenue and being told by a woman, “You’re right. It’s terrible.” Was that the full video? Was that just the video of Rice pulling his unconscious partner out of the elevator? The NFL, in a statement, responded: “We have no knowledge of this.

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Andrew M. Cuomo (D) took the media assembled for his daily briefing through a complex explanation of how the state will begin reopening. New York will use three criteria to evaluate progress of the pandemic (hospitalization rate, antibody testing, diagnostic testing), coordinate with neighboring states, and go through a two phase reopening process (only after state and regional hospitalization rates decline over 14 days).

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