The growing number of positive cases at the border escalated into a confrontation between the Kenyan and Tanzanian governments. A Tanzanian regional government official said on Wednesday that Kenya was falsely reporting positive test results for Tanzanian truckers as “a deliberate sabotage strategy designed by Kenya against our tourism industry,” and that the government had done its own tests on those drivers and they came back negative. The two countries compete over lucrative wildlife tourism..

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See this as a way, during this time of the virus, to really help parents and kids have some more fun activities and educational ways to stay engaged over the summer, Minter said. Do intend to host the festival in 2021, but with this virtual festival, we have an opportunity to have an impact in kids lives now. Featured will be Indigo co founder Daniel Minter and his book Down Home with Daddy, a 2020 Caldecott Honor Book.

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