Themed restaurants do just that they take us to another world; much like, Deja, a chic and beautiful small cafe in Lahore that transports its visitors all the way to Paris and gives them an exclusive experience that’s pleasing for the eyes and the taste buds.Brainchild of Khadija Shafqat, Deja is a beautiful tribute to Khadija’s journey and time in Paris, where she pursued her MBA in luxury brand management culinary. She came back to Pakistan to open ‘Dessert Directory’ with partners, consulted for a few restaurants and returned to Paris to do a couple of courses. Eventually, she came back and opened Deja, a reflection of who she is, her experiences and journey so far.Although themed cafes are the buzz, most of them are replicas of the famous ones, leaving no space for innovation and creativity but this cafe is different.

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