The Bruins’ veteran defense should be a little more stable this time, which theoretically would give Rosen and the offense time to sort things. Of course, UCLA opens at Texas A (which, for all its foibles, has a history under Kevin Sumlin of impressive play in Week 1) and also has to contend with Brigham Young and Stanford before the month is out. Surviving September is the key, since the Bruins should get better as the year unfolds..

But it all will feel more like a seance, like two guys trying to conjure back their lost primes. I might watch it, while I finish knitting a sweater for my niece. It should be fun if you don’t mind being taken for an imbecile.. The helpline is offered in 160 languages, referring people to community resources, screening callers for SNAP eligibility, and helping them complete their application. “We are able to provide information about resources in your community as well as assist with SNAP applications over the phone.” Project Bread is also providing several resources for households seeking free meal pick up locations, food pantries, and home delivery options. Project Bread is also seeking donations to support the rapidly growing hunger response to COVID 19..

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