Pederson was literally the team’s fourth choice as Eagles coach, when he was hired before the 2016 season. He was simply the only coach who would take a job in the NFL working for Eagles GM (that’s what he is, so I’m not using his actual title) Howie Roseman and owner Jeffrey Lurie. No other team ever even interviewed Pederson for a coaching vacancy.

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I kid, of course. They get a suite of gifts from bowl game organizers. Under NCAA rules, these swag bags can have a maximum value of $550 and some of them are pretty sweet: There are gift cards and shopping sprees and newfangled electronics. George Blanda was able to come off the bench and into the next game and throw for a touchdown to tie the Cleveland Browns with only 1:34 left. George Blanda then kicked a 53 yard field goal with three seconds left to get a 23 20 victory. The next game was against the Denver Broncos.

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