Her supporters and many Western countries said the trial and conviction were politically motivated.In an emergency session, the Ukrainian parliament voted 380 to 0 on Saturday to remove Yanukovych from office, saying he was guilty of gross human rights violations and dereliction of duty. Many of Yanukovych’s allies were absent or abstained from voting.Then the parliament, now dominated by opposition politicians, declared that early presidential elections would be held May25.Thousands filled Kiev’s Independence Square, which is still ringed by barricades erected by protesters and members of the “self defense” militias, whose members kept order and continued to march in military columns, brandishing homemade metal shields and carrying wooden clubs and axes on their shoulders.Tymoshenko, who blinked back tears several times, promised: “I am coming back to work. I won’t waste a minute to make sure you are happy in your own land.”She ran for president in 2010 but lost to Yanukovych, and most people here assume Tymoshenko will run in the May contest.Yanukovych, his exact whereabouts unknown since Friday evening, appeared on television Saturday afternoon in a prerecorded interview to say: “I am not planning to leave the country.

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