“Come” is of course a very important command as recall is necessary when out running around at a park or in the countryside. Your dog needs to be able to run free at times and you need to know that it will return when you call it. Many times I have seen distraught owners running after their dogs shouting their names as the dog just totally ignores them and runs riot.

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Quoting the Tribunal itself, Shekhawat said that upper riparian States of Karnataka and Maharashtra, though do require requisite clearances and approvals, as required by law and from the Central Government, and the Planning Commission (Now Niti Aayog), but they do not require any prior consent of the lower riparian State of Goa. Has opposed any diversion of waters of the River Mahadayi which originates in the Western Ghats in Karnataka takes a detour via Maharashtra and enters Goa as the Mandovi. In Maharashtra and rest in Goa..

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