The developer also said that if the complainants do not disrupt the process, it will go ahead with the formation of the society.However, while hearing the case, the state real estate regulator cited section 14 of the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act (RERA) 2016, which mandated that any modification in the building plans, including the construction of additional floors, required the requisite consent of two third of the allottees.regards to the construction of additional floor to be constructed in the building, MahaRera directs that without the consent of two third of the allottees, as prescribed under section 14 of the RERA, a respondent would not carry out any construction on site, MahaRera said in its ruling.According to housing activist Vinod Sampat, a builder loses his/her right of wholesale jerseys modification after the first apartment is sold.is binding on the builder to obtain the consent of the buyer, as the latter has booked [the property] based on the plans given by the developer. Any additional construction would be a burden on the homebuyer, and hence, the consent [of the buyer] is required. Even the extra FSI offered later goes to the kitty of homebuyers, said Sampat.

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