Zoologists are fairly sure that the red fox had expanded its range into south Georgia by the turn of this century, and two studies published in the Journal of Mammology in 1959 and 1969 show reliable sightings of vulpes vulpes first in the Florida Panhandle, then, sporadically, as far south as Orlando.Biologists and government game officials point out that they know of no red fox ever being captured or killed in Dade County. Yet they concede there is an outside chance red foxes have finally arrived at the peninsular tip of America, either through natural range expansion or the haphazard forces of trapping and importation from other regions.After observing and handling scores https://www.wholesalejerseyschristmas.com of foxes in Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties over a period of fifteen years, urban wildlife trapper Todd Hardwick says he’s convinced the Gables fox spotters and the skeptical scientists are both correct. Hardwick, a self taught naturalist and founder of a company called Pesky Critters (1 800 TRAP 14U), performs “nuisance wildlife evictions” for urban dwellers terrorized by raccoons, pythons, and other local pests.

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