Abstract art often is given explicit meanings by its creators, who tell stories through painterly symbols. For viewers, that same art might resonate in a different way with their own dreams, hopes, desires and personal histories. Alexander Hraefn Morris, telling his symbolic story in a series of works at the Gallery at Library Square called Traveler, hopes that his works’ meaning will be transporting for the viewer, allowing for personal voyages of experience, even as the show expresses a lifetime of symbolic meaning to the artist, conveyed in color, gesture and expressive use of abstract form.

Want to reconstruct the bomb. You want to know how many nails or ball bearings were in the bomb, said Koblinsky. Don disappear; whatever you put in [a bomb] has to come out. It took three straight face plants for the league to finally respond. The playoffs were rejiggered, the established Blackhawks were moved to the kids table division and made the final, which lasted an entertaining seven games. As for St.

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