Brewer Washington Post Carroll Washington Post the police shooting brutality protest kaepernick brown shooting shooting protests blake rights lynx angeles dodgers bucks roberts kershaw betts strike boycott brewer brunson rivers lives matter Landis/AP Photo via Pool Black athletes, social unrest is not a game, and this historic action is an urgent plea players agree to resume season in Disney bubble Bucks players demand justice for Jacob Blake players are weighing a boycott over the Jacob Blake shooting. Doc Rivers has been there before. Washington Post center DeMarco Carroll Landis/AP Photo via PoolBucks players demand justice for Jacob Blake Bucks players demand justice for Jacob Blake Bucks guards George Hill and Sterling Brown explained why their team refused to take the court for a playoff game against the Orlando Magic on Aug.

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A major league season is a seven month journey. You need the whole experience once including all of October for the memory to color your anticipation for every future season. So much is condensed in so short a time, fortunes swing so fast, that fans feel they are part of “the wave” that every Nationals player now says they are riding..

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Scout, the golden retriever owned by Weathertech founder David MacNeil, had his cancer cured at the University of Wisconsin vet school. MacNeil took a 30 second spot lauding the Badger vets and encouraging donations. Nice touch who doesn like retreivers? and if MacNeil wants to spend six mil in hopes of getting at least that much in donations to Wisconsin, more power to him.

The racing board won’t file a complaint against Hall of Fame trainer Bob Baffert because of what it called “substantial evidence” that the scopolamine resulted from environmental contamination from jimson weed. Baffert had denied giving the horse scopolamine, and blamed the contamination on jimson weed, wholesale nfl jerseys which grows wild in California. The hearing for disqualification is part of a settlement agreement between the board and Ruis Racing wholesale nfl jerseys LLC, the owner of Bolt d’Oro, the horse that finished second to Justify in the 2018 race.

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