When I take off my Seahawks gear, I just another Black guy in the community, another black guy in the street. It a tough concept to swallow. Said another message that came through from his players during Saturday meeting was a feeling of apprehension about speaking out against injustices for fear of retribution.

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1 approach to those types of injuries. It’s all about how your respond individually and the mind set that you have going in to attack that type of recovery. He’s going to have our support and our prayers go out to him and his family.”. In fact, the NFL would do well to remember that women haven’t always flocked to its games. There was a time when the league had to do damage control, especially after Rae Carruth of the Carolina Panthers was sent to prison for his role in the shooting death of his then pregnant girlfriend in 1999. The league embarked on an image makeover, doing things like having players hand out roses to women at breast cancer walks.

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