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His characters were adored by millions, and the New Cheap Jerseys china Wolsey Theatre even staged a musical in his honour, Grandma Saves the Day, based on the Giles Family.Kieron Williamson (mini Monet) hosting his work at The Gallery, Holt, with Keith Williamson, Michelle Williamson,Adrian Hill, managing director of the gallery, and Harriet Harvey, exhibition manager Picture: BRITTANY WOODMANKieron Williamson: Kieron, born in Norfolk in 2002, is by far the youngest artist in this list. He was nicknamed “Mini Monet” when he produced beautiful landscapes at the age of six but is now about to turn 18 and is a full time professional artist. He has just unveiled an exhibition, The Next Chapter, at The Gallery in his home town, Holt, where it will be on show until August 4.

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