You been on the job for a day or 10 years, people are always going to look to you, he said. No question, you very conscious in a job like this or in any leadership role how the people you work with are keying off of what you give them. Has been in charge less than four months.

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The arrest in Wilson Borough was the largest drug haul in recent years in the small municipality between Easton and Palmer Township, police Chief Chris Meehan said. Drug Enforcement Administration.Leading up to the arrest, borough police and task force members on Jan. 9 were preparing to serve a search warrant at Apartment A, 914 S.

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“What’s going to be the tough part most certainly will be just trying to manage time,” Rivera said in an interview posted on the team’s website Friday. “I hope to do these treatments and not have them interfere with football. It’s been recommended that I continue to work work at a good pace, a smart pace, listen to what the doctors tell me, follow the protocols.”.

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