McGuire’s fantasy value is pegged to the health of starter Isaiah Crowell, who left with a shoulder injury in the second quarter. But in his stead McGuire carried the ball 17 times for 60 yards and a score, 47 of those yards coming after contact. He caught 3 of 4 targets, as well..

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Important that we re examine how we doing business and how we sharing within this league, Argonauts president Bill Manning told TSN 1050 radio in Toronto earlier this week. Have three major markets that all essentially struggle, especially at the gate, and you have some wildly successful franchises. Like some of the other leagues, how can we better align all the groups so that as a whole the CFL is much stronger? We cannot have another situation like we had in Montreal where the owner just hands in the keys.

Rabiot Age 26 S. Khedira Age 34 R. Bentancur Age 23 A. The Seahawks, 24 7, on Sunday at MetLife Stadium. It was a mostly unattractive game that was not nearly as stress free as the score suggested. But for Seattle, it served its purpose. Seems immature, and will never be no more than a 3. At least Fred Davis worked out for the skins. Do you think someone could have asked him about sleeping in the training room per Brandon Banks’ twitter? When you consider his comments in light of that little tidbit, it really makes it seem like he’s just doing the PR thing.

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