The Panthers tried to cover Matthews and Eagles tight ends with safeties and linebackers. That did not work out well. Matthews was targeted a team high nine times and had seven catches for 138 yards and two scores. Due to low number of cases in China, the company is now looking for a different place for stage 3 trials.The report quoted Helen Yang, senior director of investor relations, as saying: “We are speaking to several European countries and I think did discuss with the UK as well. Currently it’s a very preliminary stage for the discussion.”The company confirmed that construction of a production plant near Beijing was concurrently under way with an aim of being able to produce 100 million doses.”It is our recommendation that it is not the whole population that gets the vaccine,” Ms Yang said as per the report.”We are firstly targeting high risk groups, for example, health workers or senior citizens, who may have a higher level of fatality rate. I think that will be the starting point.

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