Driving on and off road in Wyoming and Idaho, especially the $65K high roller High Country, the ride was impressively quiet. The cabin has gobs of space for soda bottles, two phones that can be simultaneously paired, purses, backpacks, dogs, children, up to six devices that need USB power, jumper https://www.9jersey.com cables, first aid kits, and ever expanding American behinds. With four wheel drive engaged, the Trail Boss trim line comfortably navigated an obstacle course of a log road, a steep dirt hill, uneven boulders, and a muddy bog that taken at an aggressive speed simultaneously sprayed videographers too close to the safety embankment and made you wish the side windows had wipers as well.

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If the two losses 2012 were not bad enough, then what happened in the previous year could also be depressing. On Oct. 30, 2011, Rosenborg and Brann met in the highest scoring game of that season, played at Lerkendal: a Brann 6 3 victory over Rosenborg.

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